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Order our concrete truck with ready-mixed concrete

Our concrete truck delivers ready-mixed concrete with focus on providing a customer oriented experience. With over 200 mixing recipes, can we tailor ready-mixed concrete to your project. The production controlled digitally, and our ingredients are stored in a dry environment. This ensures that we deliver a high quality product at the agreed time and price. Recently, we’ve improved the stability of the aggregate, the quantity capacity during winter, aswell as modifying our production systems. Our concrete has a low carbon footprint, and we can provide a finished environmental calculation report of your delivery upon request.

Our mixer has a 35m³ capacity of ready-mixed concrete per hours on avarage. We can produce around the clock, in any climate, at any time of year. In other words: Almost nothing can stop our trucks from delivering our product.

Concrete is versatile, easy to maintain and easier to use than you think. Talk to us about your project.

Concrete trucks

Whether you are going to cast 30 meters above the ground or or 3 meters below sea level – we will transport the concrete to you. Our concrete trucks carry up to 7.5 cubic meters. The concrete trucks are about 4.2 meters high at the rear and 3 meters high at the front. Therefore, take measurements of any gates or roofs upon delivery.

Our drivers has modern concrete trucks with Euro 6 engines. Their system automatically notifies about delivery, which streamlines the assignment.

We can deliver with the following methods:

  • Directly from our concrete truck.
  • Directly from our concrete truck via a gutter, about 2 meters of range.
  • Directly from our concrete truck with a telescopic gutter, about 9 meters of range.
  • Directly from a concrete pump with a range of approximately 30 meters in height and 50 meters around the concrete truck.
  • Directly from concrete pump mixers (PUMI) which have a range of 28 meters up and approximately 40 meters around the concrete truck.

Some quick tips about ready-mix concrete

Fresh concrete has a high pH value and should not be in contact with the skin. Wear safety goggles, safety boots and suitable work clothes.

We recommend our customers to read the precautionary rules from FABEKO (Norsk Fabrikkbetongforening/Norwegian Factory Concrete Association) before handling fresh concrete. Download PDF here.

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The concrete trucks belong to our transporter: Polartrans AS

Casting during summer

You should take a few precautions while casting during summer. Cracking in the concrete can occur on newly cast surfaces due to rapid evaporation. Heat, wind and dry air can increase the risk of cracks and plastic shrinkage.

Talk to us before starting, and we’ll help you achieve the desired result.

Easy steps to reduce risk:

  • Apply a hardening membrane immediately after casting.
  • Cover the mold with plastic as soon as possible after casting.
  • Apply plenty of water.

Casting during winter

When the temperature drops below +5 ° C you should take some precautions. With the right measures, you can cast in many degrees below zero.

Helgeland Betong has delivered concrete in over 20 degrees below zero. Talk to us about your project and we will find the right solution.

Easy steps to reduce risk:

  • Protect the fresh concrete from the cold.
  • Cover with freshly poured concrete as soon as possible. (Protective covers, plastic)
  • Order ready-mixed concrete with a high temperature.
  • Do not cast on frozen surfaces. The formwork must be free of snow and ice.

Quality concrete

The raw materials in concrete should be of stable size and moisture for the best possible quality. That is why we have built-in aggregate warehouse. We receive boatloads under cover and have 4 silos under cover. These can be heated up if the temperatures require it. We have a Polarmatic system that heats sand and rock when loading, preventing buildup of ice in our storage. The aggregate is sieved before it reaches the inner warehouse, to prevent unwanted lumps in the concrete. If you miss with 0.5% moisture in the aggregate, the concrete becomes close to useless. A dry aggregate is approx. 2% moisture and a moist aggregate is about 9% moisture. Because of that, it goes without saying how important stable humidity is.

Buildings made from concrete can stand for hundreds of years. That is why we focus on quality at all levels.

Orders and inquiries

Place orders via email:

Contact the general manager at Helgeland Ferdigbetong for inquiries:

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