Hollow-core element testing

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Digitized testing of hollow-core elements in accordance with: NS-EN1168:2005+A3:2011

When starting up production of hollow-core elements, several tests has to be done and cleared before the elements can be utilized in construction projects. Since there were no effective setup made to complete these tests, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands.

The result was a one of a kind testing rig in Norway.

Why we developed our testing rig

There are strict regulations and requirements for producing and testing hollow-core elements. If the mixing ratio or construction method of the hollow-core element is changed in any way, new tests has to be performed and approved.

When Helgeland Betong wanted to optimize their products, we had to perform new tests on all our altered products. When examining the current rules and regulations about testing our products, we concluded that manually-controlled testing was not a good solution. In addition, performing tests off-site would prove to be a costly endeavour. Our solution was innovation.


In short, current testing requirements demands exposing the hollow-core elements to different levels of loads, in a sequential manner. The load on the hollow-core element is gradually increased until it cracks. It was clear that in order to achieve detailed and comparable results, the testing process would have to be automated.

Our analogue pressure plate was therfore equipped with a digital control interface. A new software was developed to handle the test, and analysing and storing the results from the tests. The testing rig is now controlled digitally, with an integrated hydraulic unit. Every setting and adjustment is easily done on a touchscreen, and all results can be sent out digitally with a standardized post-test document.

Our first of its kind digital testing rig was approved by Kontrollrådet (The Norwegian construction certification council).


During development of our new testing rig, we’ve had help from several contributors to assist us with their expertise.

  • Til dette arbeidet har vi hatt god hjelp fra Multiconsult, som sammen med Magne Lysberg i Arcon har bidratt med selve styrkeberegningen til hulldekkene.
  • Wiggo Brattland hos Helgeland Betong igangsatte prosjektet. Og ved å sette seg inn i hulldekkestandarden kunne Wiggo definere akkurat hva dataprogrammet skal utføre.
  • Utviklingen av dataprogrammet som styrer trykkpressen er det Goodtech som har stått for.
  • Miras AS  har levert hydraulikkstyringen.
  • Justering og kontroll av de digitaliserte verdiene av det hydrauliske trykket ble utført av Siemens.
  • Kontrollrådet har inspisert og godkjent selve konstruksjonen av trykkpressen. De har også klarert at det er samsvar mellom pressens oppgitte verdier og faktiske verdier.

Using the testing rig

Con-Form Bergen is a newly established manufacturer of hollow-core elements that was looking for a solution to carry out a full-scale test of their elements. They chose to use Helgeland Betong and the newly developed testing rig to get their hollow-core elements approved.

“Helgeland Betong løste testingen på en god måte der vi underveis var trygg på at våre elementer ble testet av folk med kunnskap og utstyr, slik at vi i en oppstartfase ikke trengte å tilegne oss kunnskapen og ikke minst investeringen av testutstyret selv.

Rapporten vi mottok etter utført test var tilfredsstillende og dekket gitte krav som ligger til grunn for testen.”

Stian Hjellestad – Production manager, Con-Form Bergen AS

Increased utility value

In the time ahead, we believe that many will have to test their hollow-core elements as new environmental requirements become applicable. And there are still few providers of this service out in the market. With our new, automated hollow-core element press, we can now offer efficient, accurate and affordable testing of hollow-core elements for all factories and other industry players that need it.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll gladly provide information about our testing procedure with our new testing rig.

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Vidar Røvassbukt
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