Hollow-core element

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Hollow-core element for floor and ceiling

A hollow-core element s a prestressed concrete element that is suitable and stable for decks and roofs. The hollow-core elements have a span of up to 17 meters between each load-bearing element. Hollow-core elements are used in office and commercial buildings, residential buildings, schools, agricultural buildings and industrial buildings, and other types of building projects.

Hollow-core element

  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Fireproof
  • Long spans
  • Various visual design choices
  • Heat efficient
  • High load-bearing capacity

Our hollow-core are produced with a width of 120 cm and have a seamless length. The hollow-core elements can be made with both recesses and embedding. Recess is a prepared opening in a room or floor divider that provides space for duct or pipe penetrations. The entire element can be adapted to large recesses or shafts depending on the span and load. Price is given upon request.

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