Euro Block – Concrete Lego

HjemNyheterEuro Block – Concrete Lego

– Just like building with lego

Euro Block are concrete blocks with the same building principles as lego. This solution is an affordable, flexible and durable way to both store and secure items. Euro Block is built to handle huge loads, and can function as protective walls, wall separators, roadblocks, massebinger, storage, carports, garages, noise isolating walls, and foundations. In short, if you can dream it, Euro Block can do it. Euro block is easy to set up, and expandable. It’s also reusable, so can be repurposed or resold.

The production of Euro Block is a sustainable one, both from an environmental perspective and a life cycle perspective, using leftover concrete as the building material.

The blocks are suitable for use in small and large projects alike, for both private and business customers.


  • Flexible solution
  • Fireproof
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up and remove
  • Cost-effective

Helgeland Ferdigbetong can provide support with loading the blocks for transport at the factory. However, the customer has to provide their own solution when unloading the blocks at the construction site.

Please contact department manager Vidar Røssvassbukt for any inquiries or orders:

+47 48 00 12 07


TypeHeightWidthLengthWeightPrice (ex VAT.)
1/3 block0,6 m0,6 m0,6 m516 kg1200 kr
Half block0,6 m0,6 m0,9 m775 kg1300 kr
2/3 block0,6 m0,6 m1,2 m1034 kg1400 kr
Full block0,6 m0,6 m1,8 m1550 kg1600 kr
Euro Block Helgeland Betong