Balconies and Hallways

HjemNyheterBalconies and Hallways

When constructing a balcony or hallway with our products, you can pick between pillars of walls as supports. We develop balcony- and hallway elements differently, depending on the projects needs, supportsystem, function and aesthetic presentation.

There are three main appearance designs when construction a balcony:

  • The balcony is external to the main structure.

  • The balcony is pulled back, so it ends at a similar point to the main structure.

  • The balcony is a continous hallway.

These designs will provide different structural solutions and possibilities. The solution used will also depend on the size of the balcony and the constructive system of the building in general. More common ways of supporting balconies are either by an extension of the supportive elements, or creating separate walls to support the structure.

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